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A unique place to shop for art, music, travel, fashion and designer products. We’ve partnered with a few select affiliates in some of these areas, but want to lead with content before developing more commercially. For paintings and original art please contact us directly.


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Voiceovers and English Coaching for Performers

Performance and Voice-Over Coaching.

English voice-coaching for non-native vocalists, dramatists and communications business people: £400 – 10* Modules Online. The focus is on accent reduction, using recording, feedback and analysis of dramatic scripts, voiceovers and commercial texts, while producing professional marketing materials.


Guitars & Instruments

I’ve mostly bought equipment, guitars, keys and even computers from the Guitar Center. That includes a Fender Stratocaster similar to Jimi’s, although I now use a Fender Mustang. I’ve never had a bad experience with them and I’ve bought full setups of Pro-Tools hardware and the like. They also ship to and have online departments in Europe.

If reading an article on Keith and Exile has got you wondering about that sound, the main guitars I associate with the Exile recordings are a Fender Telecaster and the Dan Armstrong plexiglass model. Jimi’s instrument of choice was of course his white Fender Stratocaster, a fuzz box and a Jim Dunlop wha-wha pedal.

Travel and Escape

If you are curious to visit any of the unusual destinations we write about, like Catalina, LAX is the best airport. For a fly-drive tour of the Northwest book a flight to San Francisco International. To book with One Travel click the above travel bookings link.


Music Licensing for Film & TV – We Are Juan Music (Ascap)

The original songs and reinterpretations on the site are available for licensing. Deliverables include a Logic X multitrack and a stereo mix. Licensing fees range from $50 for public social use, like weddings; $200 for website use and $500 for broadcast, film or Tv. Unless the music is for a movie or series title sequence, which tends to be slightly more.

If you need a custom piece of music for a project please contact site admin managers at

Soldier. C. Weber Original, Guitars, Keys and Vocals
New World. C. Weber Original, Guitars, Keys and Vocals
Everybody Else. C. Weber Original, Guitars, Keys and Vocals

Covers and Reinterpretations

Note: Reinterpretations are subject to a separate mechanical licensing fee, available through the original artists or a mechanicals publishing house. The fees are modest and overall the costs are far less than licensing originals.

Is You Is – Dance Reinterpretation. Voices by Nell Carter and C.Weber (also arrangement). Keys by Martin Guigui.
Angel. J. Hendrix, Arrangement, voice and guitars, C. Weber
Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys. W. Jennings. Voice, keys and guitars by C. Weber

To hear a full listing of – mostly 70s and 90s – rock, folk and electronic music available for web and film licensing, visit our music page or contact us directly.

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