An original piece of my music is being released – ‘My Daisy Brain’ will be available on iTunes, Deezer, Pandora and Youtube music from early May, 2022

It’s not something I imagined re-exploring and I’d sworn off putting time into music to focus on my Digital Arts thesis and completing ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale’, my memoir about growing up in counterculture, which seemed more interesting to my friends and people around me. That book has been well received and is available on Amazon or as an eBook directly from the Story Teller shop. This just popped out!

After a lifetime of producing music, ‘My Daisy Brain’ is the first piece more than a handful of people have reacted to in a clear and positive way. It ‘charted’ at No. 1 in Plymouth where I now live, on a new service I signed up to called Reverbnation. Although that doesn’t seem that outstanding a feat, the site did seem an interesting tool for distribution and perhaps for acts that aren’t working the circuit gigging or promoting themselves in the normal way.

On the track I write, perform, record my vocals, guitars, keys and all the parts. Although many find this hard to compute, for whatever reason.

While waiting for i-Tunes, Pandora and Deezer details, the song is available as a download here!

Thank you for your support.

Author: Story Teller

I now work primarily as a digital skills trainer, writer, researcher and assessor with organisations like AIM. My career has mostly been as a film editor and sometimes producer in commercials, film and documentaries in the US and the Near East. In music, I've had releases in film and mostly worked as a club music director and contracting producer for a 24-hour music festival. With the surprisingly warm reception of my book 'Ragamuffin's Tale: Growing up in counterculture', my interest is increasingly turning toward writing.