G.A.S. – Gypsy Art Show – by friend and associate Belinda Subraman.

NEW SHOW POSTED! Likes, Comments and Subscriptions are greatly appreciated and will help us be seen and heard. Please Share, Review or whatever you can to help spread the word. ~The show features Beaker Anne Beaker, Alice Aida Ayers, Ana Christy, Jeff Sirkin, Alain Pernot, Catfish McDaris, Michael D. Amitin, Charley Weber, Beau Blue, Sarah Hussin, Vernon Frazer, Dan Raphael and Ken Clinger.

Author: Story Teller

I now work primarily as a digital skills trainer, writer, researcher and assessor with organisations like AIM. My career has mostly been as a film editor and sometimes producer in commercials, film and documentaries in the US and the Near East. In music, I've had releases in film and mostly worked as a club music director and contracting producer for a 24-hour music festival. With the surprisingly warm reception of my book 'Ragamuffin's Tale: Growing up in counterculture', my interest is increasingly turning toward writing.