Ragamuffin Music – C. Weber/We Are Juan Music (Ascap)

My Daisy Brain – Ragamuffin. Latest release available on Apple Music and Deezer.
Also available as download from the shop on this website.

I’m influenced by artists of the environment I grew up in, but I tend to gravitate towards remix and reinterpretations, as that electronic music was my generation’s unique experience. As a contracting producer, I worked on the first major electronic festival in Istanbul – J&B’s Techno Festival – and was the music director of a live after hours club in Istanbul which had an interesting mix of local musicians, African immigrants and U.S. airmen on leave.

Atomic Rhythm Baby – C. Weber Original: Voices, Guitars and Production. Electronic, Anatolian Rock.

Is You Is – C. Porter. Dance experiment. With Nell Carter and C. Weber vocals and remix.

A remix and dance recording interpretation of Cole Porter’s ‘Is You Is’. The voices are mine and Nell Carter’s, hers from a film I edited for Martin Guigui, a friend and film director. I edited the film SWING. Martin also plays Hammond organ here.

Apart from writing my book, articles and occasionally music, I teach digital skills in the creative arts and for a long time was a film editor and producer. I have music in a few films and documentaries as well as on iTunes (Ascap). Note: music tracks are available for licensing for film and online.

I am an obsessive traveller and for a long time suspect I was addicted to it. This one, ‘Rosarita’, inspired by a visit south of the border while editing film and Tv in L.A. 

‘Kinder Days’ – an unusually folky rock track recorded for my CD Road To Reach You
‘Sepia Toned’ by John David Trudel. Voice and Music by C. Weber

Like most people right now, my focus is juggling work and bills, but also finishing a thesis and promoting ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale’. I hope to write about adult experiences travelling and working as a film editor, in festivals, music and clubs overseas. Which may become part II of ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale: Attempting and failing to grow up post-counterculture’.


I do the voice and original music on the trailers and chapters for the E-Book ‘An Unusual Life’

The Ragamuffin App includes original content and music available for licensing, voice and various supporting browsable multi-media. Here my own music is used to underscore various parts of the book.

I do some commercials, documentary and voice gigs. This is an arts preview I presented for the Olympic Arts Festival. There are some of my music pieces in there and also I present the report.

More Original Music

Below are originals that are new or at least unreleased. The music on the ‘Road to Reach You’ project is available with a contracted royalty split with ‘Leprachaun Productions’, who financed my recordings.

The song below is about a certain time when I arrived in New York, but references colonial invasions and the arrival of the pilgrims in the New World. Interestingly, huge 400th anniversary celebrations were planned for 2020/1 in both Plymouth UK, where I live and which is where the boats sailed from, as well as in Boston and Plymouth Rock on the other side of the Atlantic. ironically or fittingly, the Covid-19 Pandemic put paid to most of those ‘celebratory’ events and plans.

New World, one of my originals. All music, voices, guitars and instruments by C. Weber.

This old demo, New World or The Pirate’s Song (all vocals and music by C. Weber), I finished recently, but started writing years ago in New York. I have an idea it might work as music score for a series or as part of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing, either as a film score or for installations. It was inspired by my roommate in New York at the time, Mr. Kim, a consultant lawyer to the South Korean government – now a law professor at a University in South Korea. An amazing and fascinating guy who opened my eyes to an interesting Korean perspective – in terms of music, health and food – and inspired me to develop a singing voice. Before that I only played guitar.

Above and below are a selection of songs, some original and some reinterpretations, which will underscore the biographical chapters in the E-Book. A few are in the music player (lower right, main screen). They are digital recordings recorded in Plymouth between 2017-20 but upgraded with new recording equipment, my Mustang guitar, new and better drums and a deeper and more polished level of production.

Sentimental Soldier – C. Weber

Soldier – C. Weber original music & words, voice, guitars, instruments and arrangement. This is intended for later chapters of ‘An UnusualLife’ – more around the turn of the Millenium. Written in Istanbul initially, on seeing two soldiers walking arm-in-arm – one wearing mascara – down Istaklal, the main pedestrian shopping and entertainment district of Istanbul. Just added new drums

Two Tracks – C. Weber

Two Tracks – C. Weber Original. All vocals, keys, guitars and arrangements. A ‘head back to the hills’ track I wrote stuck outside the Bulgarian/Turkish border – and at my flat in Istanbul a couple of years ago – just after recording a number of reels of interviews on the Gezi protests. It does feel like it needs harmonica, but has a shuffling kind of country feel.


Once – C. Weber


Everybody Else – C. Weber

Soundtrack Music Originals

Spanish Lullaby – C. Weber original score

Third Rose – C. Weber original score



Reinterpretations and Covers

Licensing available with appropriate mechanicals and rights clearances.

Arrangements, voices and instruments by C. Weber (Ascap).


Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys. by W. Jennings. Reinterpretation by C. Weber.

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys. W. Jennings. Vocals and parts by C. Weber. Electro version. European mountain music or country music is a unique cultural genre. I’ve written a new original in that style – Two Tracks – sort of in the vein of Seasick Steve, although currently the production seems too full at the moment. But for many of us, Gram Parsons, Carl Perkins and Willie Nelson are or were among the greatest.

Angel – J. Hendrix. Alt Rock. Incorporating the new production sounds, with natural drum sounds.

Angel, Jimi Hendrix. A reinterpretation, instruments and voices by Charley Weber

A number of the tracks I hope to further develop into remix/reinterpretations. Particularly Layla (which is envisioned as a rural Turkish remix), Call Me – the Debbie Harry track (supposed to be a deeper Dub reinterpretation). A couple of others, like My Baby Just Cares for Me, I Don’t Claim to Be an Angel and Shine a Light, which I sense need either new vocals or some traditional Gospel backing accompaniment.

Layla – Derek and the Dominos, Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon.

Shine A Light – Jagger/Richards. C. Weber vocals and guitar. According to the records, this was written about Brian Jones. But licensors would need clear the song with an agency holding the rights.

My Baby Just Cares For Me – N. Simone. Electro version.

I Don’t Claim to Be an Angel – K. Wells. Slide version.

Call Me – Dub/Electronic – D. Harry.

Lover You Should Have Come Over – J Buckley.


Author: Story Teller

I now work primarily as a digital skills trainer, writer, researcher and assessor with organisations like AIM. My career has mostly been as a film editor and sometimes producer in commercials, film and documentaries in the US and the Near East. In music, I've had releases in film and mostly worked as a club music director and contracting producer for a 24-hour music festival. With the surprisingly warm reception of my book 'Ragamuffin's Tale: Growing up in counterculture', my interest is increasingly turning toward writing.